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Acne & Pimples (Yuvan Pidika)

It is an inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles which primarily targets teenagers.


Blackheads, pimples, small superficial sebaceous cysts and scars affect your forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, chest, back and in rare cases the whole body.

Root Causes 

Yauvan pidika is an internal constitutional disorder of the body. It is not an infectious or a contagious disease. Therefore, this problem is not caused due to microorganisms. The cause lies with the general constitution of the person.

According to  Ayurveda, the main cause of yauvan pidika isincreased vata and kapha dosha in the person. An increase in the rakta and medha dhatu also can cause yauvan pidika. Ayurveda believes that yauvan pidika is a disease that is caused due to improper diet and other internal factors. A list of the factors that cause yauvan pidika is below:-

(i) An improper diet is the chief cause of yauvan pidika. A person who has anah (simple constipation) and ajirna (indigestion) regularly has more chances of yauvan pidika. Similarly people who like spicy food, sugary or oily food can have yauvan pidika.

(ii) Faulty eating methods can cause yauvan pidika. Some of the faulty eating methods:-

a) Adhyashana  Consuming food at short intervals, due to which new food enters the body when the previous food is not digested.
b) Virudhashana  Consuming incompatible foods together such as curds and milk.
c) Vishamashana  Consuming food with disregard to the bodily cravings, such as eating when not hungry or fasting when hungry.

(iii) Hormonal changes in adolescence can lead to yauvan pidika.

(iv) Deficiency of vitamin A (retinol) can cause yauvan pidika.

(v) Women who have menstrual problems, such as irregular or delayed periods, can have yauvan pidika. Generally all women do have mild acne problems during their menstrual cycles, which become more if the periods are delayed.         


Avoid excess meat, sugar, tea or coffee, pickles, candies, ice cream, processed foods.
Go for a fat-less diet with plenty of green salads, lemon juice, fruits & lots of water.

Home Remedies

Wash your face with lukewarm water, with a Neem based soap thrice a day.

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